Sunday, March 9, 2008

High Resolution Aishwarya Rai Photo

Presenting three very high quality and resolution photos of Aishwarya rai. The first one and the sexiest photo of Aish ever(and will probably remain so now that Aish is married and its highly unlikely that as Aishwarya Bacchan she will do anything as bold as this) is from her Hollywood film Mistress of spices. The photo is guaranteed of Aish even though the face is hidden and not of a body double. Probably the cleared view of her feet too. The lucky actor is Dylan McDermott.

Sexiest photo of Aishwarya Rai - Red Hot - very High Resolution

The rest of the two photos below are from her Cannes film festival photocall and red carpet.
Aishwarya Rai ultra high resolution photo
Ultra High Quality photo of Aishwarya Rai

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Feet Are:


Anonymous said...

No one even compares to Aish.
She is the best.

And brilliant blog dude. One of the best theme blog on the planet.

Anonymous said...

may god bless you brother. Aishwarya's feet is the sexiest feet in this world and there is no question of competetion, try to post more of her rather than the unwanted shits, thans a lot.

Anonymous said...

The first pic - from mistress of spices ... is absolutely amazing. Her soles and heels look heavenly.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Feet Aishwarya

Anonymous said...

ilove her feet

Anonymous said...

Aish's feet are definatley the best in bollywood if not the world. I would worship them daily if she were mine

achu said...

super am a great fan of her

Anonymous said...

she has a cute sexy feet. from above the long shaply feet and fingers are heavenly. this is first time the sole and cute heels are shown. how lucky is the ground comes under them.

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