Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kareena Kapoor Barefoot

Ultra High Quality Photo of Kareena Kapoor barefoot. This is part of the promotional still for the movie "Golmaal 3".

And a bonus still...

Feet Are:


Anonymous said...

hi,please send the beautiful feetr of the queen madhuri,and kareena

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

awesome feet .. i wanna kick them up and suck the toes and fingers !!!

Anonymous said...

i just love thise feet saif is so lucky if i would
be in his place i would love licking them

Anonymous said...

kareena your feet are so sexy when i see them they make go crazy and gives me more thoughts and fantasies about it. i just love them so keep it maintained for me.

Anonymous said...

Hey kareena. I want to spend my whole life under ur feet and i want to die under that. So please

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